Structure of work

The work with theCustomer begins with the determination of the use target and the concept of thefuture Object.

Parameters of the siteof land, the structure of the available title and permit documents are checked,the terms of obtaining the necessary volume of negotiations and permits tofulfill the design activities are defined.

In the process ofdeveloping the object concept, necessary power resources are calculated and theways of their maximum optimization are defined.

During the designdocumentation development, activities are held simultaneously to organize theconstruction site with the conduct of the engineer researches. The constructionsite is provided with the necessary volume of working documentation, it iscontrolled by the project authors to ensure the stated quality of activities.

In 6-8 months beforethe construction completion, there start necessary activities concerning thepreparation of the Object to going into operation. By the moment of Objectcompletion, a full set of operating, permit and accompanying documentation isformed, which allows the Customer to formalize a property deed and concludecontracts for Object energy supply to carry out its successful operation.